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Mobile App is the fastest and easiest way to manage guest relations!

Reduce your costs and achieve operational excellence

To measure is to know! I bet you even don’t remember how many housekeeping problems you had last month. We can give you an everlasting corporate memory that will help you deliver operational excellence.
When guests submit their requests to you via your mobile app GuestService, you can track the status of all requests to avoid unnecessary losses and capital transactions.

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Hotel CRM System

Welcome your guests faster than a greased lightning

First impressions last while long lines at your front desk don’t promise a smooth holiday.
Eliminate the waiting process of your guests at the reception! Receive guest requests via your mobile portal, offer your guests additional services, and take the opportunity to upsell.

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Hotel Mobile App

Create digital catalog a for your company

We know how much it costs to print those in-room catalogs as they get lost now and then. Make the switch and match the new hygiene requirements while reducing the cost. Create a digital catalog for your hotel in minutes. Offer your guests special deals by showing your best photos and do mobile marketing through your mobile app.

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Digital Catalog

Better communication brings more sales

As a hotelier, you should always be reachable but never intervene. It’s like always being there for the guest but being invisible at the same time. For this purpose, we got an app that will be at your guests’ fingertips.
Increase your hotel's profit, provide full services to your guests, and increase the sales of your services through customized messages.

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Online Guest Requests

Always stay in touch with your guests

If they are not gonna report a problem back to you, then they will report it publicly. Keep in mind that you don’t have the chance to fix it or make up for it once they are out of those gates.
For this reason, receive feedback from guests instantly, increase the number of satisfied guests, and prevent negative comments. Get feedback in real-time and solve problems in real-time.

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Online Guests Requests
QR Code

QR code, surely more interactive!

New hygiene requirement demand for single use materials. We’ve got something even better: our QR codes can offer digital menus to your guests so that they can order easily.
You can achieve all this while reducing your printing and staff costs.
Offer QR code menu services in your restaurants, pubs, pools, rooms, and facilities. Provide your guests with instant services without the need to download the app.

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Standalone Hotel Software

It is the perfect solution for contactless guest relations management. Thanks to GuestService, you can manage guests' requests, make your service reservations, and analyze your business. You can also achieve success in guest relations without the need for integration through a completely standalone solution.

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Watch the magic unfold on your smartphone or tablet.

Scan the code with your camera to start the demo application
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Contactless Guest
Relations Management
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Services such as front office, housekeeping, breakdown reporting, etc. are as close as the push of a button for your guests. But by GuestService, they can easily submit all their requests via their mobile phones. Feel the power of automation in guest relations! It is healthy, reliable, and 100% digital!
By GuestService, you can increase your revenue. You can offer room service, leisure activities, restaurant, laundry service, excursions, etc. in a mobile environment as well as collect guests’ orders and report how your new sales channel boosts your revenue.
Reduce your costs by using GuestService's powerful analysis tools. Manage your guest requests more dynamically and organize your staff more easily. Minimize printing costs while organizing your workflows. Provide a more efficient working environment in your hotel and gradually increase your efficiency.
Improve your reputation by preventing negative reviews about your hotel! Achieve organizational excellence and identify guests who are dissatisfied with your services. Get more positive reviews from guests who are satisfied with the services your hotel offers. How about increasing your positive reviews by 400%?
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Hotel Staff App
Staff App

Staff App and all requests from the GuestService Staff manager are on your mobile phone! Track all your staff instantly. Enjoy managing all requests with a single click from your mobile phone.

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Hotel Mobile App
Pre Stay

Guests can plan their stay through your platform before come to the hotel, get all the details from your GuestService, send new service orders and check-in online.

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Online Guest Requests

Stay Guests are greeted by a Wi-Fi landing page when they arrive at your hotel. They can immediately access all details with the QR codes in your reception, bar, and rooms if you wish. In-room dining orders, spa, ala carte, and sports as well as the requests for trip reservations are available via your GuestService.

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Hotel Surveys

Post-Stay receives guest feedbacks before check-out. Use retargeting and increase your repeat guest. Take advantage of our CRM system for Guest Loyalty. Now all are in one system and very easy to use!

Hotel Digitalization is a product of Guest Relation Management 2.0

Now your hotel has a lot more orders, a higher revenue, and an easier managing structure. GuestService allows your guests to have a perfect accommodation and holiday experience while increasing their level of satisfaction with your services.

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After Covid19, the hygiene and health safety responsibilities of the hotels towards their guests are increasing and expanding at the global level! Providing your guests “online and contactless” service during their stay is vital.

Ensure healthy communication between your guests and hotel by GuestService! Offer instantaneous solutions to your guests by GuestService and increase your preferability in the next season.
Contactless Hotel App
Contactless Hotel App
By GuestService, offer countless opportunities to the thousands of guests staying in your hotel. In SPA, cabana, special reservations, etc., introduce your premium services to your guests.

Increase your points on review sites by GuestService! You can measure in-hotel satisfaction by GuestService, guide your guests, and increase your points on review sites.
Choice of the hotels that want to gain from COVID-19
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Hundreds of accommodation facilities in more than 50 countries provide their services through GuestService!
Start benefiting right away without having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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There's no time like the present to promote your services. You're ready to fly! Go about it now without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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Do not forget to include GuestService's URL in your booking e-mails!
Replace your Wi-Fi landing page with GuestService!
Print your QR codes! Make sure you download and stick your customized QR codes for the restaurant, bar, spa, reception, or any other desired areas.
Want to handle more online? Have your door hangers, stickers, and brochures downloaded by using GuestService. They are all automatically generated by GuestService.

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You are in Good Company!

We deliver the best and easiest system to thousands of hotels. We are developing ourselves continuously.
ISO 27001
We constantly check our information security with ISO / IEC 27001 - Information security management.
ISO 10002
We certify our excellent services to our customers with ISO 10002: 2018 Quality management - Customer satisfaction certificate.
ISO 9001
We evaluate our quality with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems when creating our products.

We are professionals with technology and business management knowledge who have focused on making a difference in the tourism industry.
We are building a direct bridge between your hotel and your guests. We are increasing the revenues by providing the most accurate and advanced connection between our customers and their guests. At the same time, we are growing their business by facilitating in-hotel operations.

You are faster, more agile, demanded, and guest-oriented than ever by GuestService

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Automate the transaction processes of your hotel's customers. Make sure that all processes are automated as per your guests' requests
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GuestService is a standalone product for end-to-end guest engagement. You can take new orders and manage guest requests through the guest service online portals. By real-time, multi-language, and multi-platform, you can serve your guests in all areas such as kiosks and lobby. Satisfy your customers, increase customer loyalty as well as your revenues with a single product.
GuestService ensures that the best service is always provided to your guests.
They send their requests and orders as well as follow the status of them by the mobile without a language barrier. Your guest knows your hotels, your services, and nearby places so that takes advantage of the digital concierge service.
A zero. No additional setup cost. Choose your package and start using it instantly. If you require support during the setup phase, our online chat team will help you.
In a few minutes, your portal will be set up automatically. Without any coding, you can define your hotel information in less than half an hour.
We're removing all barriers of language. You will be able to use it in the languages you prefer. English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Arabic are the default languages. If you tell us about your language preference, then we will activate it immediately.
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